How to stay fit while travelling

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There’s nothing worse than getting back from travelling and realising your bikini, or that nice shirt, is just a bit tighter than usual…surely it must of shrunk in the warmer weather?! (If that’s already happened, then check out our 24 day program to get back on track!)

Don’t stress it, because today we’ve got some tips to help you stay fit while travelling!

It’s more likely that you enjoyed your holiday maybe a little too much! It’s easy to have a few too many desserts, drinks and delicious meals out whilst you’re on holiday (that’s half the fun of it!)

Add on lying by the pool for a few hours and being more relaxed, and you’ve got a potential recipe for rapid weight gain. Eek!

So how can you keep it all in balance?

Now, for us, when we travel, food is a major part of it. We love yummy, whole food meals and are always scouting for plant based and healthy options – but we also love to have a few treats here and there, and a cocktail or two (if this sounds like you, then come join our Healthy Traveler Hub community!)

So one of the things we always do when we travel, is to make sure we stay active! Instead of letting that gelato go straight to the hips, we use it as fuel for a workout. We’re not saying you can burn off every extra calorie, but you can absolutely help to keep things in balance (plus, keeping active is just GOOD for you!).

We tend to choose hotels or accommodation that has a decent gym, so we have access to some weights and a treadmill, which just means we can get quick workouts done (no matter the weather or terrain outside).

But you don’t need a gym to keep active on your holiday! There’s plenty of bodyweight and high-intensity workouts you can do to keep your heart rate up and maximise your fat burning.

Our favourite workouts for hotel gyms:

  • Treadmill Sprints: warm up for 5 mins with a jog, then do 30 secs of sprinting and 30 secs of recovery (put your feet on the side of the treadmill), and repeat x20. You can modify to suit your fitness level e.g. maybe 20 sec sprint & 40 sec recovery, but the last 2-5 sprints should be a push to finish! This is high intensity, so expect to be dripping in sweat by the end!
  • Weight Circuit: Pick 5-6 dumbbell exercises, and create a circuit that you can repeat 5-10 times (or for a length of time e.g. 20 mins). Go for higher reps and keep the rest period as short as you can, if you want to also get your cardio in.
  • Pilates: I personally love doing a high-intensity Pilates based workout, that use either just bodyweight OR some light dumbbells. I use Bailey Brown’s pilates videos on YouTube all the time, both at home and whilst travelling (just did this one!)

OR choose an ‘anywhere workout’ (no gym):

  • Hill/Beach Sprints: Same ideas as the treadmill, but if you’re outside, it’s much easier to pick a hill OR set a distance e.g. one tree/light post to the next one. Sprint one way, walk back and repeat x20 or for 20 mins – simple!
  • Walking: Seriously, walking is so good for your health, so skip the tour bus! We love to explore places on foot, in fact, we can easily walk 10-20km over a day when we first explore a new area. You see so much more and it’s an easy way to get some incidental exercise in.
  • Hotel Room Workout: Ok there’s that many of these – just search “hotel room workout” and you’ll find lots of great ideas that you don’t even need to leave the room for!

What’s your fav exercise whilst travelling? Drop a comment and let us know!

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